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Licensed Professional Counselor

Kristal Mathis MA MFT CMHS
Heartprints: Child, Youth, and Family Counseling Services
The Academy
400 E. Evergreen, Suite 301D
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"Creating Hope, Empowering Families"

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Welcome to Heartprints Counseling

Are you looking for help with your teenage daughter?

  • Have you noticed secretive behaviors that have you concerned?
  • Do you have difficulty trying to get her to talk to you?
  • Has she tried to run away or threatened to?
  • Have you tried everything and nothing seems to be working?
Sessions are designed to help your teenager and the family. As much as possible, parents are included in the process so that stronger connections evolve. I help teenagers find hope, have better relationships, and feel more confident in themselves. Parents enjoy having a teenager again.

What you can expect to get from an appointment:
  • Learn how to talk with your teenager/parents
  • Build skills to resolve arguments
  • Know how to follow through
  • Become aware of your feelings
  • Have a coach to support you
  • Find hope for tomorrow
  • Learn how to control yourself
  • Diffuse arguments
  • Lower your stress level
  • Gain confidence
  • Have a safe haven to ask anything
  • No judgment

"Creating Hope, Empowering Families"

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